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5 Ways to Connect With Top Online Influencers

On one popular writer’s forum, there used to be a joke that the mere mention of Hugh Howey’s name would increase book sales. Like many jokes, this one may have had an element of truth because Mr. Howey often made an appearance in those forum posts. Sometimes, the famous author would even hand out free tweets to promote lucky authors and books after he noticed his name was mentioned. Not every online influencer is as generous as Hugh Howey, but this example illustrates the point that this kind of attention can help promote authors and sell books.

5 Ways to Attract Attention from Online Influencers on Different Platforms

As an author, you probably already have a presence on a few different Internet platforms. The most common ones include Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and a website or blog.

Amazon Top Reviewers

This isn’t as easy as it used to be because popular Amazon reviewers already get many requests for book reviews. However, you still have a chance to get recognized by an Amazon community leader if you reach out, offer a digital or hard copy of your book, and ask for a fair review. Start by visiting this page to find a list of Amazon top reviewers.

If you click through to the reviewer’s profile, you can find contact information and a list of books that the reviewer has reviewed. If the reviewer tends to read books like yours, send a query and politely ask for consideration.


Some popular authors have an established following that they developed by connecting with their community regularly. Get involved with fan discussions and don’t be afraid to drop an occasional self-serving link. Also, get noticed by sharing the author’s content with your own fans to increase the chance they may return the favor.

Mention Influencers On Your Blog

Most people who thrive online set up Google alerts or similar apps to let them know when their name gets mentioned. If you mention these notable individuals on your website or blog, you can bet that they will come to see what you said. Since many celebrities crave attention, they might very well leave a comment and contact information. Don’t forget to follow up.


Twitter is the land of very short posts and hash tags, but it can also be one of the easiest places to connect with top social media influencers. Begin by commenting on and sharing influencer’s content with your current followers. Of course, always make sure you tag the author, so your activity will get their attention. This course is very likely to get you a thanks for sharing content or a response to your comments. That can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.


LinkedIn is a social media site that was designed for connecting with business associates. Begin by commenting on an influencer’s published content and then ask for a connection. Also, find active message boards for your niches and begin conversations by mentioning your opinion or linking to quality content you have published elsewhere.

Connecting With Top Internet Influencers Can Help Build Your Author Brand

Every attempt to make contact will not yield the results you might hope for, so it is really important to list several people you hope to target and practice regular outreach. Even a couple of the right connections can help you get noticed by their communities and people who can help you succeed. If you want to build a relationship with famous authors, publishers, or even top book reviewers, you should take the first steps to make sure they know who you are.

Kenneth Gillett is the Principal and Founder of Target Marketing. A full service digital marketing agency in New York City guiding authors, speakers & brands to elevate their influence.

5 Secrets to Making Anything Go Viral

Nobody needs to tell you that a viral marketing campaign can increase brand awareness and offer you an unbeatable return on your investment in time and content. You just want to know how to get your own project passed around the Internet by enthusiastic users.

Why does some content take off while other content stalls on the launching pad? The right answer even frustrates serious marketers when they try to analyze the type of content that tends to get followed, shared, and commented upon. However, marketers who master the art and science of creating viral marketing campaigns can use their knowledge to promote almost anything.

5 Tips to Help Your Marketing Campaign Take Off

Viral marketing campaigns seldom happen by accident, and they also share some common traits. These tips may help you understand what you do right and what you could work on a little more.

1. Connect With Your Community

Part of increasing your chance of having a successful campaign relies upon the online platform that you have already constructed. Businesses and personalities that do well on social platforms notice and respond to their communities. They might respond to questions and comments, and sometimes they even mention community members by name to thank them for a contribution. Social media users tend to share content from sources they either love or hate, and you would probably rather be one of the sources that they love.

2. Social Media Users Share Content That Creates an Emotional Response

Take note of celebrities or authors you follow that typically enjoy a lot of sharing and interaction on their social media pages. They don’t just post about themselves or their latest project. In fact, these social media successes know their audiences very well. They post content that amuses, supports, and engages their fans and followers. For example, you might let your fans know that you share a popular view on a social issue or donate money to a worthy charity.

3. Be Original

Your social networking platforms should reflect your brand and image. Passing around other brand’s memes is more likely to help your community remember that other brand than it is yours.

4. Cooperate with Other Brands

You shouldn’t take content from others, but you can enlist their cooperation. This helps a lot for people who still need to build a large social networking platform. If you write romances, find a handful of other romance writers that can help you create content and promote it. If you’d rather not share the spotlight with other writers in your genre, you might seek out authors with books in other categories. You can have a something-for-everybody promotion together. Either way, you are bound to increase your own visibility.

5. Things Take Time

This is the last secret to making anything go viral. You should be testing different types ofcontent and promotional strategies all the time. Creating viral campaigns may be part science and part art, but even masterpieces do not appeal to every critic. Don’t give up, but do keep testing out new content types and promotional strategies on your unique community of potential customers.

Kenneth Gillett is the Principal and Founder of Target Marketing. A full service digital marketing agency in New York City guiding authors, speakers & brands to elevate their influence. Follow @TargetMktng.